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FHSD provides new way for parents/guardians to monitor student book selections

FHSD provides new way for parents/guardians to monitor student book selections

FHSD Learning Commons (school libraries) have a broad selection of books, in print and online, available for students to check out.  See what our school libraries have to offer by clicking on the ‘Learning Commons’ tab on your school’s web page and then selecting ‘Find a Book’.  Destiny Discover, our library management system, allows users to search the collection by entering specific book titles, authors or subjects.

There are several ways for families to see the books their children have checked out:


Log in to 
Destiny with your student’s Active Directory (AD) credentials to view items currently checked out.  This video tutorial shows you how to see what items are currently checked out. This method is the most timely and upon log in, will let you know in real time which books a student has checked out.

LOGIN HELP:  The format for student AD credentials is:

AD Username:  <First Initial><Last Name><Last 3 digits of Student ID #>

            AD Password Secondary Students:  FhsdXXXXXX (Student ID #)

            AD Password Elementary Students:  FhXXXXXX (Student ID #)


Request a daily email letting you know what books a student has checked out at the end of each day.
  If interested in receiving a daily email of the books your child has checked out of the FHSD Learning Commons, complete this form: Student Library Book Check-Out Form.

The emails will start to be generated no later than two (2) weeks after submission, depending on the volume of requests received. Please note that the daily email will reflect the books a student has checked out at the end of a school day. If no items are currently checked out on a student account, an email will not be generated that school day.

Our FHSD Library Media Specialists are here to help you. If you have any questions regarding your child’s book selections, please contact your school’s Library Media Specialist.